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Welcome to my Medium profile! I’m a graduate student, writer & foodie. Eggs make me happy.

Publication: The Brain is a Noodle 🧠🍜
Can’t wait to see your poetry & shortform submissions!
I post daily poetry prompts and weekly shortform theme ideas to help you out of that writer’s block! Practice…

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fluffy, drizzled sweet,
topped with various small fruit,
a whole stack of carbs

Inviting Zsófia Sáfár | America Zed | Rachael Ann Sand| Carolyn Riker | Tasneem Kagalwalla | Brenda Covarrubias | Hal H. Harris | Allison Gaines | Abbey Streett| Lisa Bolin | if you’re up to it and…

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Do you ever think
about how certain foods
come in certain shapes?

Like you would never pack soup
in a square or rectangular tupperware
because the angles
make it hard
to drink soup;

or that dips for chips
should always be paired
with a circular container
for maximum scoop efforts.

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As I grow older
I’ve learned to challenge
the concept of tying my self-worth
to exactly how much we produce.

I want to honour the aging process,
acknowledging that
a lot of the fears that people have
about aging and disability
are intricately tied
with the understanding that
value and existence
are tied to what…

Blogger 變得流行,
講起我嗰陣 …

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For those who missed this regular weekly update and was wondering where I went for week 53 of TBIN, my apartment flooded!

A lot of things went right amidst a disaster and I’m just glad to be back. I’m still a little bit spooked, but mostly at the point of…

Writing Prompt: tolerating the intolerant

Photo by Trent Pickering on Unsplash / side note: why is this bird so angry

You’re not tolerant enough for the intolerant
is a statement I’ve grappled with
because it’s weaponized against people
who genuinely engage in continued reflection
on questions of inclusivity.

I have an interim answer,
which involves asking us all
to walk through the experience
of individuals on both sides.

Beginning with…

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Tucked away in a box
somewhere in the attic of my heart
is a healing space
filled with soothing techniques.

When anxiety is the warning bell
that rings the loudest in my body,
warning me of the very real dangers
but also the not-actually-dangerous-dangers,

I’ve built up ways…

Spooktober Week 3 with KTHT

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Monday: Where do you keep your shame?

I kept my shame quietly,
folding into my body,
exposed as anxieties,
as chest pains,
as stomachaches,
as stress hives,
as trauma.

The body remembers,
as a child internalizes
parental emotional dysregulation
as not having been good enough,
eternally chasing perfection
as external validation
in absence of unconditional love,
alarms ringing
when anything falls short
of perfection

Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她)

Filling in the cracks on conflicting self improvement advice and translating how these can work for a more diverse audience ✨ Icon by: @jkbarts #WEOC writer.

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