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Egg-cited to get to know you better!

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A collaborative way to know fellow writers better!

Your challenge as a reader is to read the interview associated with your birthday month, listed at the beginning of each link!


Write a poem that contains the words strong, shot glass and central

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A blank slate

You can join whether or not you read the book? What?

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I’m not kidding, read it, now!

Photo by Michael Fousert on Unsplash || Why this cover photo? The cover of the book being reviewed features similar disposable beer cups!

[1] There Is So Much To Learn About Memoir Writing

(Or existed at an affordable price)

The Exercise Bike Generator

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a poem

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poetry responses to Know Thyself Heal Thyself

Monday: A Place To Go When You Need Love

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Sunny Side Updates with The Brain is a Noodle || Week 42

#ShansPoetryPrompt: Write about something you didn’t get to say

a poem

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Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她)

Filling in the cracks on conflicting self improvement advice and translating how these can work for a more diverse audience ✨ Icon by: @jkbarts #WEOC writer.

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