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Welcome to my Medium profile! I’m a graduate student, writer & foodie. Eggs make me happy.

Publication: The Brain is a Noodle 🧠🍜
Can’t wait to see your poetry & shortform submissions!
I post daily poetry prompts and weekly shortform theme ideas to help you out of that writer’s block! Practice makes perfect, and The Brain is a Noodle is the perfect sandbox to build up those writing skills.

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The thing about my internal monologue is that it doesn’t stop. It doesn’t stop when you start talking to me, it just interjects and speaks over and responds. Had I been someone more impulsive, perhaps I would have said all the things swimming in my brain right to your face, and have been seen as rude. Instead, as someone probably a bit too inhibited, my default is to keep it all inside, and only after serious consideration does those thoughts get to jump out and meet the world.

I think this has led to two things. First, my working memory…

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What is your name / nickname?

Em, Emmie, or Moreau

What is your artist origin story? How did you first come to love creating art?

When I was 9 I drew a lot of mlp* fanart, it was my biggest inspiration that led me to drawing.

*MLP: My Little Pony

What kind of message do you want to bring out to the world? How do you want to affect people? How do you want others to feel when engaging with your art?

I just want people to have a lot fun and enjoy the stuff I make.

What life quote…

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Many like to ask
how do you write so often?

And let me tell you
it’s quite simple:
I hate waiting.

I hate waiting for my water to boil for pasta,
I hate waiting for the bus,
I hate waiting for big programs to download before installation,
I hate waiting for appointments to start,
I hate waiting,
I hate waiting,
I hate waiting.

So in those moments of waiting,
I pull my trusty writing skills out,
typing dumb poems about pasta until it the water boils,
writing dumb adventures while I wait for my bus to come,
singing beer shanties while my code is…

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is not a fairytale,
no guaranteed villains
and magical fairy godmothers,
or perhaps
you are the villain
in your story —

or perhaps
with what you have
the magic that exists within you
you become the magical fairy godmother
to someone else.

is it a choice?
or is it just circumstance?

oh how life comes together
like some unplanned mixed
of veggies into
an inedible salad.

Inviting Jennifer McDougall| Brenda Covarrubias | Ajah Hales | Roselyn Violet | Jac Gautreau | Stuart Englander | K S Fielding | Maggie LaFae | Fathiyah Zb| Amber Carlson | if you’re up…

Image by Jody Parks from Pixabay

Les tire d’érables
sur la neige — un doux souvenir
d’un voyage d’enfance.

Sweet syrup on ice
(maple) — a sweet memory
of my childhood trip.

Inviting Melissa Bee | Anthi Psomiadou | Brajendra Kumar| Ana Maria Radulescu | Warren Brown | KSHernandez | James G Brennan | Thalia Dunn| Chris Mooney-Singh | if you’re up to it and anyone else interested to smash that writer’s block, join in on this tiny challenge and write a response, wherever it takes you!

Write about a sweet memory from a childhood trip — whether literally or figuratively sweet is up to you!

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What is your artist origin story? How did you first come to love creating art?

Since I was a child, I loved drawing. So I followed that passion, graduating an Art Highschool, and now studying at a University that specializes in Art History

What kind of message do you want to bring out to the world? How do you want to affect people? How do you want others to feel when engaging with your art?

I want to show the world simple emotions and beauty. I wanna convey a sense of serenity and elegance through my art pieces. But in…

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Happy 中秋節 (Mid-Autumn Festival / Chuseok / Mooncake Day) to everyone who celebrates! To those who don’t, here’s an invitation to come on in anyways.

Before I start, I wanted to announce that it unnerves me that among the moon emojis, there is the full moon 🌕 and the new moon 🌑, but for some reason, there is also the FULL MOON WITH A FACE 🌝 and NEW MOON WITH A FACE 🌚. I’ll leave that in your brain to digest for the while.

What is 中秋節?

Here’s my imperfect interpretation of this festival, an on-the-ground lived experience of this festival.

The phrase…


It’s important to feel your feelings,
a lesson I had to learn
as I stuffed my scheduled
with work, work, work and more work
until I had no time or energy left
to think about the things that happened to me
that day,

a distraction strategy
that I thought worked
until those emotions,
that stress,
those stress hormones
raged strong through my body
and screamed out physically
when less salient symptoms
were ignored in favour
of doing more.

It’s important to feel your feelings
but to swing from ignoring
to only feeling
can also be too heavy.

You cannot go…

Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她)

Filling in the cracks on conflicting self improvement advice and translating how these can work for a more diverse audience ✨ Icon by: @jkbarts #WEOC writer.

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