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Welcome to my Medium profile! I’m a graduate student, writer & foodie. Eggs make me happy.

Publication: The Brain is a Noodle 🧠🍜
Can’t wait to see your poetry & shortform submissions!
I post daily poetry prompts and weekly shortform theme ideas to help you out of that writer’s block! Practice…

#WritingPrompt: Common sense as less common than you think

Photo by Ekaterina Z. on Unsplash / genuinely impressed at the number of choices I had to choose from as a stock photo for this piece because it’s usually really hard to find photos for “abstract” concepts!

Common sense
is stitched together
by exposure to these lessons,
usually with the guidance
of someone in a mentor role
giving you this sense of safety.

To ask why
certain things need to be explained
because it should be common sense
or ask why
people write about certain topics
because it should be…

Photo by 愚木混株 cdd20 on Unsplash

Almost a year ago, I received $500, thanks to your amazing support. What did I spend it on? I mostly saved it, but did splurge on a few items I’d been eyeing for a long time.

For one, I got “real” bookshelves to house my books and textbooks, which had…

Today, I embrace body neutrality. No more body negativity. But also no more pressure to be body positive all the goddamn time. Instead, just being, and appreciating all that it does, without labelling it to soothe another’s comfort.

I do not need to be beautiful to enjoy my life. I…

Photo by Robin van der Ploeg on Unsplash

Small droplets
rolling down the car window
the last of the present moment mindfulness
of my childhood
upon the throne of my car seat;
washed away by novelty, information and more,
so much more,
so much more,
too much more.

#WritingPrompts: Did anyone else do this? Sit in the backseat of the car as the vehicle is moving and watch the droplets of rain fall down with accumulating gravity, racing to the end of the window? If I think about early childhood mindfulness, I think that was one. The longest boring car rides could be made more fun and mindful with a little bit of rain.

Inviting Vivian | Nada Chehade | Cara J. Jaye |…

Photo by Dean Ricciardi on Unsplash

without fuel,
stuck in the well
with narrow vision
that the only solution
is to accept all the
things I could not change.

after resting, boiling and
perhaps bubbling, I’m realizing
that once recharged, I too
can change the things
I cannot accept.

#WritingPrompt: I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.

Inviting Katrina Bos | Carlos Garbiras |…

Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她)

Filling in the cracks on conflicting self improvement advice and translating how these can work for a more diverse audience ✨ Icon by: @jkbarts #WEOC writer.

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